WHO said herd immunity gives false hopes for COVID-19 prevention

WHO stated that only a few individuals have developed antibodies against corona that bodes false hopes for herd immunity.

According to the World Health Organization that only some of the few people have developed antibodies in their blood affected by COVID-19. The authorities mentioned that they are just 2-3% of the global population. Thus, herd immunity for the prevention of COVID-19 gives false hopes.

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Director-General of WHO further said that lockdown can help to alleviate the situation but it is not the ultimate solution to the problem. He said we have to do serological testing to find out the infection numbers and how many have developed immunity to it.  But the number of people having some type of immunity is thought to be low.

An American infectious diseases expert said that it too early to say something. The number is thought to be higher. She said initially number is lower than we expected. A study carried out in California by Stanford University found out 50-85 times more infected individuals than official numbers.

The number of confirmed cases was 1094 at the start of the study.  But the antibody test has suggested almost 48000 to 81000 asymptomatic patients developed by April first week. Even these large numbers show that only 3% of people are infected within the population.

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Van Kerkhove said they expected to take a gander at the manner in which the examinations were being done. “Various examinations we know about in pre-print have proposed that little extents of the populace have antibodies,” she said. These were “in single digits, up to 14% in Germany and France”. “It is extremely critical to see how the investigations were finished.”

That would incorporate asking how they found the individuals to test. Was it indiscriminately or would they say they were blood benefactors, who will, in general, be sound grown-ups? They would likewise need to see how well the blood tests were performed.

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“We are working with various nations doing these serology tests,” she included. Studies supported by WHO are utilizing strong techniques and the tests would be approved by seeing their accuracy

The expectation will be that individuals who have had COVID-19 will have the option to continue their lives. In any case, Van Kerkhove a week ago said that regardless of whether tests demonstrated an individual had antibodies, it didn’t demonstrate that they were safe.

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