Cultivation of cotton begun in Pakistan

Agriculture experts have recommended the farmers to begin cultivation of cotton immediately and finish it till 10th May for getting abundant crop.

Cultivation of cotton begun in PakistanSpokesman of agriculture department informed that time frame between 21st April to 10th May is ideal time for cotton cultivation in Pakistan. Therefore, the farmers should avail this opportunity and immediately begin cotton cultivation on maximum land.

Spokesman advised the formers to use approved seed varieties for cultivation including IUB-13, FH-142, MNH-886, NIAB-878, BS-15 and NIAB Kiran, etc.

He termed cotton as “White Gold” and urged the growers to cultivate it at large scale so that it could mitigate their financial sufferings.

He advised to keep number of plants more than 17,500 to 20,000 in one acre with a distance of 9 to 12 inches from one plant to another.

He recommended that first watering of cotton crop cultivated with drill should be on 30-35 days after its cultivation while remaining watering should be with an interval of 12-15 days.

Similarly, first watering to cotton crop cultivated on “Patri” should be after 3-4 days of its cultivation while second, third and fourth watering should be with an interval of 6-7 days and remaining watering

Director Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Dr Zahid Chaudhary suggested farmers to use recommended varieties of cotton after consultation with agriculture experts.

He stated that the farmers should choose fertile land only. They should properly prepare the soil. The farmers should plough deep and level the land with the help of land laser levellers. This will help low consumption of irrigation water.

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