Pakistan power generation capacity stands at 36499 MW

Pakistan power generation capacity generated from different sources stands at 36499 MW and has now decreased to 34235 MW.

The overall power generation capacity of the country from different sources remains 36499 MW which has now reduced to 34235 MW. As indicated by the information, under the 1994 force strategy, upwards of 17 undertakings were introduced with an aggregate limit of 5759 MW which was reduced to 4977 MW.

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Two projects of power generation with 165 MW production capacity were introduced in 1995. Also, 37 power projects were set up having an aggregate limit of 3747 MW under power arrangement 2002. The capacity of these power ventures had been reduced to 3572 MW.

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Under, 2006 Power Policy, somewhere in the range of 37 projects with an all-out limit of 1999 MW was set up in the country. Then, seven initiatives having an absolute 8303 MW capacity were introduced in the country under the 2015 Power Policy. Also, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has been worked 22 power generation plants which are providing 9389 MW to the country lattice framework. The complete portion of atomic force plants in the vitality blend remained at 1246 MW.

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Upwards of 3927 MW power is being created through government possessed 10 GENCOs power plants. The capacity of GENCOs was 5792 MW which has been reduced to 3927 MW with a period of time. The power generation capacity of Pakistan is decreasing constantly.

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