Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Version with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage launched

Huawei‘s first smartwatch for children was launched in 2016 and since then, the company has continued to refresh the lineup, adding topnotch features and improved design style. The Chinese tech giant has now launched the Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Version as part of the products announced during the Nova 7 series launch conference.

Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Version comes with several new functions such as AI security positioning and upgraded memory configuration. The watch packs 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage which is similar to what is found on some entry-level smartphones.  In addition to the security and memory configuration upgrades, Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Edition also features a smooth video call function, which greatly improves the convenience of children’s watch video calls.

The smartwatch supports 4G full Netcom, covering more than 200+ operator networks around the world. The 5-mode, 15-band internet connection is fast, the signal quality is good, the calls are clear, and it can be used in various complex environments.

Receiving calls on the smartwatch especially in a noisy environment is also easy as the Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super version comes with high-performance speakers, high volume, good sound quality, and excellent sound pickup algorithm. The child also won’t need to keep his/her hands up for long while receiving a call. In addition, it is equipped with a 5MP HD camera that supports HD video calls.

Safety is the top priority of children’s watches. The main purpose of parents buying a smartwatch with call functions for their kids is to ensure the child is safe, monitor his/her location and also reach him at any time. The child can also call for help if need be. Thus, Huawei‘s smartwatch the new smartwatch is equipped with nine-fold AI positioning which includes GPS, Beidou, GLONASS satellite positioning, WLAN positioning, base station positioning, indoor positioning, A-GPS, accelerometer-assisted positioning, and SOS camera assisted positioning. Relying on Huawei’s NLP technology, the Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Version can obtain positioning results through multiple channels in order to provide the provide accurate location tracking.

In addition to the call, positioning and other core functions, the watch supports multi-application download due to the improve RAM and storage space. Parents can upload story-telling apps and language tutor apps on the smartwatch in order to upgrade the child’s learning ability.

The Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro Super Edition is priced at 988 yuan and will be available for pre-sale on May 13. It features a waterproof build.

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