ME netizens protests against Indians anti-Muslim eloquence on Covid-19

Security agencies of India again spreading false news to hide their dirty faces, alleges Pakistan to start a cyber war for attempting social media campaigns in favor of Indian Muslims

Arab netizens protests against Indians anti- Muslim eloquence on Covid-19

With segments of expatriate Hindus joining the tirade against Muslims and Islam, Middle-East citizens pushed back, with uncharacteristic vehemence, against the demonization of India’s largest minority community.

The Indian security agencies said that these social media messages have been targeting India and Indian Prime Minister Modi in a coordinated effort by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

They falsely claim that Pakistani cyber war experts are designed to flood social media with messages fuelling anti-India sentiment, mainly in the Gulf countries.

The report of Indian security agencies baselessly said that Pakistani deep state has been trying to bring a schism between India and her allies in the Gulf by alleging PM Modi.

The social media campaign targeting PM Modi has also been driven by engineering circulation of video clips of some incidents of harassment or attacks on Muslims in India.

Banging utensils cannot stitch the tear in india’s social fabric

One possible reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has belatedly cautioned the nation against communalizing the Novel Coronavirus could be a provoke of anti-Hindutva tweets coming from the Middle-East over the last few days.

These tweets have expressed outrage against the increasing tendency in India to blame, demonize and target the Muslims for spreading COVID-19, the illness caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

Ever since Tablighi Jamaat activists were evacuated from their headquarters in Nizamuddin West, Delhi, late March, and some of them tested positive for COVID-19, certain media outlets went into overdrive blaming them—and, by implication, Muslims — for the spread of COVID-19 in India.

The central government was perceived complicit in creating this impression as to its daily briefing, even as recently as last week, made it a point to list separately the number of cases linked to the Tablighi Jamaat.

Fake videos and social media posts gave the Coronavirus the nomenclature of “jihadi virus”, thereby widening the rift between Hindus and Muslims.

With segments of expatriate Hindus joining the tirade against Muslims and Islam, Middle-East citizens pushed back, with uncharacteristic vehemence, against the demoniza2tion of India’s largest minority community.

Arab netizens takes up the issue with PM Modi

These Middle-East citizens who have condemned the Hindutva brigade constitute not just ordinary folks, but also members of royal and wealthy families, lawyers, human rights activists, and sections of the Indian diaspora, Hindus and Muslims alike.

The Modi government must have taken notice when Princess Hend Al Qassimi, said, “Anyone who is openly racist and discriminatory in the UAE will be fined and made to leave. An example; she wrote, appending screenshots of Upadhyay’s hate-filled tweets about the Tablighi Jamaat and Muslims.

As soon as Upadhyay was reprimanded by the princess, he seemed to have deleted all his social media accounts, evident from the tweet of journalist Rifat Jawaid: “This Islamophobe, who ran the multi-million company in Dubai is now running away for shelter.

Message to expatriate Hindus

In what seems to have been a message to expatriate Hindus, many of whom have flourishing businesses in the UAE, Qassimi emphasised the warm relationship between the Sharjah royal family and India.

She, however, went on to add, rather imperiously, “…. As a royal your rudeness is not welcome… You make your bread and butter from this land which you scorn and your ridicule will not go unnoticed.”

Emphasising the importance of remittances from Middle-East countries, Abdul Rahman Al-Nassar, tweeted: “Indians (mostly Hindus) are treated well in these countries. In return, how are Muslims treated in India?”

Dubbing the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as a terrorist organisation, Al-Nassar had a question for the United Nations: “UN Human Rights… What is your position regarding the terrorist acts of the RSS party towards the Muslims of India? #india #indian”

It is perhaps for the first time; the Arab elite is closely watching and commenting on the targeting of Muslims in India, which dates back to 1947.

But never before had there been a continuous hate campaign against them, nor had it been spearheaded by the members and followers of the party ruling in India. Perhaps their show of concern can be attributed to the internet knitting the world far seamlessly than before.

Indeed, India has a lot to lose by alienating the Middle-East, which is outraged at the targeting of Muslims, even as the world is face-to-face with death.

Modi’s LinkedIn post has come three weeks too late and is perhaps too inadequate to stitch the tear in India’s social fabric. Might he not consider asking Indians to bang utensils and ring bells to restore India’s social amity?


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