Does Pakistan has better rate of coronavirus testing then Italy

The denominator is the number of tests conducted overtime at the population level. Italy does not have the best rate of coronavirus testing in the world, but its testing is several folds higher than Pakistan.

Does Pakistan has better rate of coronavirus testing then Italy

The denominator is very important factor everywhere. No one cannot compare one country with the other without getting the “denominator”. Italy has different stats.Dr. Bhutta is one of the most highly-cited academics in global health and has been ranked among the top one percent of Highly Cited Researchers globally. He is a recipient of the WHO Family Health award.

Dr. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta said  I think these are early stages and there are many things about this infection that we don’t know yet. But it is a reasonable assumption that if you developed a mild or asymptomatic infection and recovered from it, your ability to fight this virus will be better than those who have not been exposed.

He further said, The reporting system for deaths globally is a lot more exact than what we currently have in Pakistan. We need to develop SOPs in terms of how we need to identify deaths from COVID-19. We should have set up a mortality reporting system at least a month ago, even if from hospitals, but we still don’t have such a system. All hospitals and emergency services like Edhi Foundation need to be made part of such a system.

And you need money, on top of everything you mentioned, He said. I think we need to utilize our resources very intelligently, as we already have about 5 million tests available.

If I was the government with those assets available, I would have used some of those assets for coronavirus testing high-risk people, frontline healthcare workers, and high-risk categories like travelers or pilgrims. But I would have also used a portion of those assets to conduct some very rapid population-level assessment on the basis of strategic sample selection.


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