Attack of locusts is expected next month in Sindh

Farms in Sindh could once again come under the locust attack from Iran in next month which could prove even harmful for the crops in the province as compared to the locust attack of the last year.

Locusts attack is approaching. The terrifying information for farmers of the province was shared by officials of the Plant Protection Department (PPD) in meeting at Sindh Secretariat on the expected locust attack in the province.

The officials of the PPD told the meeting that up to 60 countries around the world had been affected by locust swarms.

The meeting was informed that some 30 spots had been identified in the province where camps would be established for tackling the issue of the impending locust attack.

Some 57 teams comprising 180 personnel are being formed to tackle the locust emergency in the province. Each team will comprise officials of the agriculture department and the PPD.

A method of aerial sprays will make use of to consume 100,000 liters of pesticide against locusts while 25,000 liters of pesticide will be used against locust swarms by using the boom spray method.

The chief secretary expressed the resolve to utilize all the available resources of the Sindh government to get rid of the issue of locust attacks against the farmlands of the province. 

Locust advance constituted another emergency situation for the province much like the COVID-19 crisis, and for this reason the issue was part of the agenda of the next meeting of the Sindh cabinet.

The latest technology and assistance of the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) would be utilized for gathering data related to hotspots among agricultural land in the province with regard to locust swarms.

The agriculture secretary informed the meeting that his department required more money and specialized vehicles for doing sprays against locust swarms.

The chief secretary directed the agriculture secretary to present the demand of his department to this effect before the next session of the Sindh cabinet.

The meeting decided to conduct training of 250 staffers of the agriculture department from the PPD for, making them ready to conduct surveys and fumigation campaigns against the locust attack on farmlands.

The meeting, besides the agriculture secretary, was attended by the director-general agriculture, the director of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, the director of the PPD, officials of the Pakistan Army, and other relevant officials.


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