Pakistani companies performs in cloud showcase

28 Pakistani companies have been invited to participate in the Shandong Export Commodities (Pakistan) Cloud Exhibition launched in China. The exhibition demonstrates a creative way of engaging international business in a lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

28 Pakistani companies performs in cloud showcase

Pakistani companies involved in the production of electro-mechanical, hardware, building materials, and epidemic prevention materials, etc. have been invited to participate in the cloud exhibition.

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A total of 84 enterprises from Shandong province rolled in the exhibition, and 28 Pakistani buyers were invited to hold “one-to-one” negotiations through precise matching, and 124 meetings have been held between the two sides, indicating fruitful results in following engagements.

This cloud exhibition succeeded in transferring offline resources to an online platform. Through the application of IT technology and cloud video conference, the procurement demands from Pakistan are accurately recognized by their Chinese counterparts, and hence rendering efficient services.

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Cloud Exhibition will become a new platform and also an engine to vitalize the market by facilitating international exchanges.

The exhibition is hosted by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and undertaken by Shandong Huibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Pakistan Everest International Exhibition Company.

Chinese Consulate General in Lahore has provided great support to this event.
The International Data Center & Cloud Computing Industry Expo features an exhibit of Total Infrastructure Solutions, Micro Module Data Center, Power Generator, Supply & Distribution System, Computer Room / Cabinet Rental, Server Co-location/ Rental, System Integration/ Development, IT System, Telecommunication System, Cloud Services (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS), Managed Cloud, Migration Services, Cloud Security, and many other technologies are exhibited in cloudexhibition.

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