Pakistan is testing Iranian coronavirus diagnostic kits: Mehr News

Pakistan is one of the export target markets of Iran in the field of Iranian coronavirus diagnostic kits produced in the country by domestic knowledge-based companies. Now Pakistan is testing Iranian coronavirus diagnostic kits.

Iran is producing coronavirus diagnostic kits not for only its own use but also for export purposes. Head of International Interaction Center of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs Mahdi Ghalenoei said that Iran has sent coronavirus, COVID-19, diagnostic kits developed at the domestic level to several countries in order to export kits to these countries after their approval.

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Iranian coronavirus diagnostic kits will help to meet the domestic need of the country and as well as to meet the need of other countries.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19, in the country, many knowledge-based companies began producing COVID-19 diagnostic kits to prove their capabilities with the healthcare system and to support the healthcare system, he emphasized.

As the country is in the middle of fighting against COVID-19, in addition to meeting its domestic demands, homegrown coronavirus diagnostic kits will also be exported overseas and it will add revenue in the country’s economy, Ghalenoei added. It is time to show the knowledge level and capabilities of researchers in the country.

The sample of domestically-made coronavirus diagnostic kits have been forwarded to several countries so they can test kits at their own level, he said, adding, “with the coordination made, market of these kits will be developed in the international arena and then will be exported to other countries.”

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Pakistan is one of the export target markets of the country in the field of coronavirus diagnostic kits produced by domestic knowledge-based companies.

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Pakistan is testing Iranian-made coronavirus diagnostic kits in its healthcare treatment centers, he said, “if Pakistan approves the kits, the country will export corona diagnostic kits to this country.”

He pointed to the Philippines as Iran’s other export target market for coronavirus diagnostic kit and added, “we have forwarded two types of COVID-19 diagnostic kits to Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines as well.”

After testing at every level countries will approve Iranian coronavirus diagnostic kits.

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