Phytochemical biopesticides can help to control locusts: Dr. Ashraf

Phytochemical biopesticides that are prepared from tobacco, neem, datura, and castor bean can be used to control locusts.

Phytochemical biopesticides can help to control locusts: Dr. Ashraf

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ashraf has guided horticulture specialists to create phytochemical biopesticides from the concentrates of tobacco, Neem, Datura, and Castor bean and so forth to control locusts.

He was leading a gathering of agrarian specialists including UAF Chairman Dr. Mansoor Sahi, Dr. Sohail Ahmad, Dr. Ameer Rasul, Dr. Muhammad Sagheer, Agriculture Office Plant Protection Imran Faraz, Research Officer UAF Ahmad Waqas and different notables during a field visit to Athari Hazari.

He said that locusts have developed second coronavirus infection in term of food security as it is destroying the food security.

He said the balance was basically needed to battle the emergency to guarantee food security. He said that after the 27 years, it had hit crops at the gigantic level.

He said that the administration has set up a consortium of the agriculture universities, Food Security Ministry, Agriculture Department NDMA, and PDMA others to work together on the locusts.

He said that UAF had planned another spray for controlling locusts that can toss the shower solution up to 50 feet high. He said that UAF has as of late settled an undeniable locust control look into focus. He said that being an agrarian nation, we need to pace up our endeavors to battle desert locusts.

He said by the FAO, upwards of 38 percent of the absolute farming region in Pakistan has become the rearing justification for the desert insect. He said that Pakistan is inclined as locusts breeding is occurring because of the wet winter this year.

Imran Faraz said that they were taking every conceivable measure to control the locust issue.

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