Millions of locusts attacked sakrand, Sindh

A huge number of locusts attacked the standing crop in sakrand and its neighborhood of Sindh.

Millions of locusts attacked sakrand, Sindh

Farmers and cultivators are worried to see the loss of their yields before their eyes. The destruction of the crop leads to the loss of large financial capital.

Farmers and cultivators were at that point confronting challenges due to the coronavirus lockdown now they need to manage this misfortune as well.

The farmers said that when we went to our fields in the first part of the day, we saw a Locusts assault in our tomato crop, Cotton crop, Okra yield, and mustard crop and even they didn’t leave the grass, everything was crushed and demolished before them, they included.

They likewise requested the Sindh government to support them and stated, “The locust assault has wrecked us. Presently we have no assets left. We have to cultivate our fields once more. We request to the Sindh government to give us cotton seeds and fertilizers free of cost so we can irrigate our lands again and feed our youngsters.”

Locusts additionally attacked and annihilated a great many sections of land in the Thal Desert as well. As per the organization, insects decimated melons and watermelon crops in numerous regions and furthermore devastated the leaves of trees.

Regardless of the spray, the authorities neglected to control the insects. DC said that the activity against the locusts was in progress and every conceivable step was being taken to forestall them.

In Province Punjab, activities are in progress in various pieces of the locale to annihilate locusts.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue and Assistant Commissioner Lahore supervised an activity against the locusts, which included officials and authorities of the locale organization, Pakistan Army and Agriculture Department.

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