Capcom Reportedly Planning To Remake Resident Evil -Code: Veronica

Released way back in 2000 as a side sequel, of sorts, to the original Resident Evil 2, Code: Veronica, despite being considered a main entry in the survival horror series, has never quite managed to attract the same level of attention as numbered installments

Capcom Reportedly Planning To Remake Resident Evil -Code: Veronica

popularity (or lack thereof) that has frequently left its potential for a remake in doubt. The final nail in the coffin for such a project came just recently, of course, via the revelation that Resident Evil 4 would be next in line to receive a reimagining, but that now appears not to be the case.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones that told us of Resident Evil 4‘s next-gen return well before it was confirmed by other outlets – say that Capcom is, in fact, planning to give Code: Veronica its own well-deserved makeover, though there’s one rather substantial caveat worth noting.

Assuming everything goes according to plan (and that’s a big if, considering the current climate), Capcom is believed to be targeting a 2021 launch window for Resident Evil 8. Fans have already been waiting three years for a continuation of the core narrative following 2017’s seventh installment, so it makes sense that the developer’s priorities lie here. The new and improved Resident Evil 4, on the other hand, is believed to be arriving roughly 12 months later, accounting for 2022.

That being the case, then, a remake of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica almost certainly won’t be arriving anytime soon, with 2023 being the absolute earliest for when fans can expect to see it. As always, it’s worth mentioning that plans can change at the drop of a hat during development and while Capcom’s intentions right now might involve eventually delivering a retelling of Claire Redfield’s quest to find her brother, there’s simply no telling if it’ll ultimately see the light of day.

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