Call of Duty: Warzone Is The ‘Most Stressful Game’ During Quarantine

Whether its call of duty Warzone final circles or Shipment’s high-octane massacres, it’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been deemed the ‘most stressful’ game to play during quarantine.

Call of Duty: Warzone Is The ‘Most Stressful Game’ During Quarantine

This is prime time for gaming, even the World Health Organization says so. With all this time indoors, you can exercise those nimble hands and dig into that backlog gathering dust on your shelf. Haven’t had time to play through Red Dead Redemption 2’s huge campaign? Now’s your chance.

One title that has truly captured the zeitgeist is Modern Warfare, more specifically its battle royale add-on call of duty warzone. More than 60 million players have flown into Verdansk and experienced the misery of the Gulag since launch despite that stress, its popularity is growing.

A new study from GamblersPick delved into gaming habits in the US during the pandemic, with 1,000 players sharing their stories of how playing video games has helped them during the outbreak. For example, 77% of respondents believe video games make social distancing easier.

As for what consoles gamers are favouring, the PlayStation 4 emerged victorious with 23% of respondents picking it, compared to 13.6% for the Xbox One. However, atop them all is PC gaming – 31% of respondents opt for computers or laptops over consoles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was voted the most stressful game to play during quarantine, closely followed by its predecessor Black Ops 4 and Fortnite (both hugely popular due to their battle royales). While the main game ramps up the adrenaline, call of duty Warzone’s pot-boiling anxiety that really pushes your buttons.

At the other end of the spectrum, Nintendo’s ultra-soothing phenomenon Animal Crossing: New Horizons was voted the least stressful title, followed by Minecraft and Mario Kart – considering how fiercely competitive the latter is, the gamers in this study must be pretty zen.

Mario Kart came first place in terms of popularity, with 22.8% of respondents choosing it over the likes of Modern Warfare (20.3%), Super Mario Bros (20.2%), Grand Theft Auto V (17.8%) and The Sims series (16.3%).

Personally, I’ve been hooked on Warzone for the past two months. Not just because it’s great fun, but my friends and I use it as a chance to catch up a few times a week. Others are clearly in a similar position, with 59.1% saying video games help them feel connected to their pals during quarantine.

As for how they actually communicate, more than 38.1% chat using in-game chats. However, Discord is also popular (26.8%), while video chats using Skype (23.5%) and Zoom (17.9%) are common choices.

Don’t see your flux of free time as a hindrance, think of it as a gift – use it to ‘git gud’. That said, Warzone has gotten even harder in a new update.

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