China Media Group successfully carried out first 5G + 8K integrated production

China Media Group (CMG) successfully carried out the first domestic 5G + 8K integrated production in real-time transmission and rapid editing on Wednesday to usher in the upcoming Two Sessions, China’s biggest annual political event.

China Media Group successfully carried out first 5G + 8K integrated production

The launching ceremony of the promotion week of “5G + 4K/8K + AI” media innovative application was held on Tuesday.

Shen Haixiong, vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and president and editor-in-chief of CMG, vice presidents of CMG Yan Xiaoming and Jiang Xiwei, CMG’s editorial board members and the heads of China’s three major mobile network operators attended the ceremony.

In the “5G + 4K/8K integrated production” display area, technicians showed the 8K video and audio transmission and production process by using the “5G + 8K backpack” to transmit two 8K signals in real time, and simultaneously edit the received 8K content. The images transmitted through two 8K signals perfectly restored the stunning early summer view, compared to the test results of 4K signals.

CMG’s 8K promo video titled “Colorful China” was also presented on an 8K resolution LED screen, symbolizing CMG’s efforts in promoting the innovative application of “5G + 4K/8K + AI” over the past year.

The promo featured five highlights of China’s 70th National Day Ceremony: light show at CMG’s headquarters of the Yangtze River Delta, 8K documentary “the Magnolia City,” 2020 CMG Spring Festival Gala and 8K test image sequence. With high-quality resolution and remarkably vivid light and colors, 8K LED screens offer a memorable visual experience.

In the “AI Cloud Editing” display area, technicians demonstrated the application and production of AI cloud editing technology. During the 70th-anniversary National Day celebrations, CMG managed to edit and synthesize 86 clips of the parade through AI cloud editing technology, thus greatly improving production efficiency.

During this year’s Two Sessions, CMG will use 5G network to conduct live broadcast and ensure an all-angle coverage of the event. The 8K real-time videos produced by CMG will be uploaded on all new media platforms and displayed on more than 400,000 ultra-clear large screens in major cities across the country.

The 5G, 4K/8K and AI technologies are restructuring media production and broadcasting techniques, extending an opportunity of leap-forward development of traditional media.

This year, china media group (CMG) will make every effort to promote its transformation from a traditional radio and television media to an all-media organization, producing world-class original video and audio content. The media giant will also focus on the transition from traditional program production and broadcasting model to deepening supply-side structural reform on content production, as well as the switch from traditional technology layout to “5G + 4K/8K + AI” strategic pattern, according to Shen.

He added that CMG will continue to cooperate with other partners, including the three major mobile network operators, to carry out the technological innovation of video and audio production and broadcast in 5G context, and comprehensively promote the leap-forward development of radio and television media and communication technologies.

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