Digital technology strengthens governance of KP

In this emerging age of technology, where three fourth of the population are frequent mobile users in Pakistan, serval new communication tools emerged which can be helpful to bridge this gap. Pak Women under the Citizens’ Voice Project planned a mobile application to strengthens the governance of the province.

Digital technology to strengthens the governance of KP

There is a serious trust deficit in democratic institutions in Pakistan due to poor communication between citizens and legislators. It was important to explore and adopt new communication channels to bridge this gap between citizens and legislators.

Pak Women under the Citizens’ Voice Project planned a mobile application to foster the dialogue between the citizens and its member to enhance trust in democratic processes.

This mobile application provides a platform for citizens to engage with their legislators where they can share feedback on the legislative performance of the member, suggestions, and complaints.  

Similarly, the Citizens’ Voice application also gives an opportunity to the legislators of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly to share their parliamentary performance with their constituents and get feedback or suggestions on any important matter pertaining to their constituency or of public interest.


  • The mobile application will be readily available on Google Play Store from where citizens and members can download application anytime
  • User-friendly interface designed citizens and the member where they can easily review their interactions on mobile applications.
  • The mobile application will target around 5,000 users till closer of the project
  • Citizens’ Voice is a login based application that has the ability to manage members’ and citizens’ information (name, emails, constituency, contact info, picture) separately.
  • Citizens may share their feedback with their representative on their legislative performance and suggest improvement in any legislative intervention
  • Citizens may share issues through casework in which a representative may take up with the concerned authorities on an appropriate forum.
  • Each citizen’s account will log all the feedback/suggestions or complaints made on mobile applications.
  • Logins management (where new users can be added, existing users information may be updated or a user may be blocked for inappropriate behavior)
  • The admin dashboard must have the ability to generate reports and statistics based on the activity performed by all users.
  • Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat being an important stakeholder will manage application after the deployment.

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