Cansino vaccine for Covid-19 appears safe in first human trial

A coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine tested for the first time in humans is safe and induces a rapid immune response, researchers at China’s CanSino Biologics Inc reported on Friday in The Lancet medical journal.

Cansino vaccine for Covid-19 appears safe in first human trial

Blood samples from a group of 108 vaccinated adults showed both neutralizing antibodies and T-cell responses against the novel coronavirus in most of those tested.

Further studies will be needed to confirm whether the vaccine protects against infection.

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“These results represent an important milestone. The trial demonstrates that a single dose of the new adenovirus type 5 vectored COVID-19 (Ad5-nCoV) vaccine produces virus-specific antibodies and T cells in 14 days, making it a potential candidate for further investigation,” coauthor Professor Wei Chen from the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology in Beijing said in a statement.

“However … the ability to trigger these immune responses does not necessarily indicate that the canSino vaccine will protect humans from COVID-19 … we are still a long way from this vaccine being available to all.”

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