CPPCC member COVID-19 pandemic becomes catalyst of China’s digital transformation

From online food delivery to ride-hailing apps, tech companies have made huge contributions to the country’s China’s digital transformation fight against the novel coronavirus since the outbreak.

said Wang Xiaochuan, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China’s top political advisory body and CEO of Sougou Inc on Wednesday.

In the hardest time of Wuhan, internet companies lent help to residents there, sending free food to communities, giving free rides to frontline workers. The local government also used technologies developed by these companies to track suspect cases and record people’s health status,” Wang said.

The “health code” system, invented by Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent, gives users color-coded designations based on their health status with a QR code. A person with a green code means they had no exposure to the virus and are allowed to travel China’s digital transformation; those with an orange code can visit only selected places. This kind of technology has done a big part in helping contain the pandemic.

Additionally, Wang also talked about how Artificial Intelligence helped ease the pressure of the medical system and the workload of millions of doctors over the epidemic.

Scientists noted that most coronavirus patients had abnormal findings on their chest scans. The system can automatically run tests on coronavirus-affected areas in the lungs and classify patients by virus severity so that corresponding treatment options can be given. 

For example, a doctor will take about 15 minutes to analyze the CT scan of a pneumonia patient. But with the help of AI, CT scans can be interpreted in 20 seconds with an accuracy of 96 percent.

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