Online sales generate 78000 jobs in Pakistan

The online sales in Pakistan have increased significantly and if Pakistan pursues the development of logistics service and instant delivery service, it will create 78,000 jobs.

Online sales generate 78000 jobs in Pakistan

Online sales will become significant as traditional offline sales around the world have been seriously affected due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Online sales have been developing rapidly, and as far as I know, online sales in Pakistan have also increased significantly.

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“If Pakistan pursues the development of logistics service and instant delivery service, and reaches the level of China, it will create 780,000 employment opportunities for Pakistanis according to the proportion of the population. The number may grow to 1.56 million in the future,” Cheng Xizhong, visiting professor at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law said in his article published by China Economic Net.

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Small and medium-sized enterprises are now facing great difficulties due to the pandemic, but various online sales platforms have provided them with new opportunities.

More and more companies of clothing, shoes, and hats, electronic products, frozen food, etc. have begun to sell their products on online platforms.

Online sales have become an important business mode during the pandemic period, and will also become the future development trend of business.

From January to April this year, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in China increased by 6.1 percent over the same period of last year. It is estimated that domestic consumption in China will increase further in the next few months of this year. We would like to share China’s experience with Pakistani friends.

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He believed that the development of e-commerce needs strong support from at least two industries: mobile communication technology and the logistics service. Now, no matter in urban or rural areas, e-commerce, logistics service, and mobile communication is highly developed in China. We may stay indoors and buy whatever we need through online platforms.

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