Masters of the Universe is Getting a New Board Game

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Masters of the Universe, and in addition to the upcoming anime series and film, Mattel and CMON just announced that fans can immerse themselves in the world of He-Man and Skeletor in a brand new board game.

. Masters of the Universe: The Board Game will be designed by CMON’s Design and Development Manager Michael Shinall and Developer Leo Almeida, who also helped design Bloodborne: The Board Game and the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, and they are developing a whole new game system that looks to take advantage of the unique setting and universe. You can also bet on some gorgeous miniatures, and we can’t wait to see them up-close.

“Masters was a part of most of our childhoods. People of a certain age know all about it. Simply saying, ‘I have the Power’ is automatically said in one’s mind a certain way because of it. Now, this game will bring an entirely new generation to Eternia and its many characters. Parents will be able to pass down their love for He-Man to their children, and that’s amazing.”

“As Mattel looks to unlock the power of its IP, partnering with CMON is the latest step to bring back one of the company’s most famous contributions to pop-culture — He-Man, Skeletor, and the Power of Grayskull from Masters of the Universe,” said Janet Hsu, Chief Franchise Officer, Mattel. “This new game system will be sure to introduce fans to the most iconic characters through a fresh interpretation of Eternia as it has never been seen before.”

Like other releases from CMON, Masters of the Universe: The Board Game will launch on Kickstarter, and while there is no specific date yet, it will launch sometime in 2021. No further details were released regarding the new system, but we’ll keep you posted.

Masters of the Universe has been a favorite of fans all around the world ever since it debuted in 1982, introducing fans to the battle over Eternia and to now-iconic characters like He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Tri-Clops, Man-E-Faces, and more. Also yes, you bet we are looking forward to seeing what CMON can do with a Battle-Cat miniature.

Are you excited for Masters of the Universe: The Board Game? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things tabletop!

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