Zhong Nanshan China in top ranks of world’s vaccine research

China’s vaccine research is among the top of world’s vaccine research, said Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan during an interview with CCTV on Saturday, which represents the researchers’ spirit of innovation in the country. 

In general, vaccines are one of the most important methods of herd immunity. “So far, we have five vaccines in phase II clinical trials. We don’t lag behind any other country,” said Zhong.

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Researchers in China have not only conducted studies, but also written papers to analyze and summarize these studies.

As of May 10, a total of 2,151 articles about COVID-19 have been published in the world’s best-known journals, said Zhong based on data from the science and technology sector.

“Among the over 2,000 articles, China has contributed 650 pieces, accounting for nearly one third of the total, with many published in top journals. These articles have provided very good experience in guiding the world on pandemic containment.”

“Our research paper is not only for China, but also for the whole globe,” stressed Zhong.

Renowned Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan is seen in an interview with CCTV, May 30, 2020. /CCTV

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He made the remarks when talking about an earlier letter to Chinese scientists and technologists by Chinese President Xi Jinping world’s vaccine research, who affirmed their arduous work in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and encouraged them to make new and greater contributions in building China into a world power in science and technology.

“President Xi said innovation is the primary driving force for development and science and technology is a powerful weapon to overcome difficulties, which gives us the greatest encouragement,” said Zhong.

Preventing and controlling a new disease require scientists and technologists to give a full play to their creativity.

COVID-19, as an acute and emergent infectious disease, must be prevented in the early stage. In response, China put forward a strategy to concentrate the containment at the outbreak’s epicenter and rely on joint prevention and control in other areas.

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“Thanks to the right strategy, our country has by far the lowest morbidity and mortality rates on an average population of 100,000,” said Zhong.

Chinese researchers have also done a number of studies on the origins of the virus and transmission routes. They identified the novel coronavirus and shared its genome sequence with the World Health Organization in a timely manner, so that it can be shared around the world, therefore starting the vaccine development.

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