Searle Pakistan launches first generic Remedesivir injection for Covid-19 in Pakistan

Searle Pakistan launches the first generic Remedesivir injection for COVID-19 patients’ treatment in Pakistan.

Searle Pakistan launches the first generic Remedesivir injection for the cure of  COVID-19 patients in Pakistan. The Searle Company Limited delivered its first consignment of Remdesivir injection for hospitalized patients of COVID-19.

Searle expressed its deep gratitude to the management of Beximco and to the Pakistani authorities for their generous and timely support. Searle has always proudly upheld its socially responsible values inspiring it to step up and vow to offer its services in fighting this crisis by doing its part in awareness, prevention, detection and management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Searle Company Limited under it’s exclusive license and marketing agreement of Covid-19 drug Remdesivir, successfully launched the Remedesivir injection. Searle Pakistan recently signed an agreement with Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh for marketing of Covid-19 drug Remedesivir.   

This friendly collaboration will provide a rapid supply of the finished product at reasonable cost and will also help the healthcare workers of Pakistan to treat the hospitalized COVID-19 patients without a second delayed.   

Initially, Searle is aiming to import Remdesivir in a ready-to-use form so as to fulfill the urgent requirements of the country.

Moreover, Searle is also planning to generously donate a substantial quantity of Remdesivir to the government of Pakistan which is actively counteracting the pandemic.  

World’s pharmaceutical companies contend to invent cure along with a substantial vaccine for COVID-19. Gilead has stunned the world by making constructive efforts against the virus.

Basically, Remdesivir has been tested and turns out it has the capacity to shrink the amount of time required for COVID-19 patients’ recovery.   

Remdesivir, in actual, was prepared to help treat the patients of hepatitis C. Surprisingly, the substance has showed its multitasking capability as Remdesivir can help treating a number of other virus.

It counteracted three major diseases few years back that wiped a colossal amount of population from the globe, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and the Ebola virus.

Although it is not approved as a fully efficient treatment for the diseases,  it, somehow, was handy in the past crises.


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