Petroleum Minister inaugurates Euro IV and V standard fuel testing lab to curb environmental pollution

Euro-IV and V standard fuel testing laboratory will provide opportunity to curb environmental pollution and enhance fuel efficiency

Petroleum Minister inaugurates Euro IV and V standard fuel testing lab to curb environmental pollution

Environmental pollution and fuel efficiency can be achieved through new fuel standards, said Minister Petroleum, while inaugurating Euro-IV and V standard fuel testing laboratory at Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP).

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Minister for Petroleum Omar Ayub Khan has said that new fuel standards would prove helpful in controlling environmental pollution and improving efficiency of diesel and petrol engines.

He stated this while speaking after inaugurating a Euro-IV and V standard fuel testing laboratory at the HDIP, a body responsible to ensure provision of quality petroleum products across the country.

The facility has been set up in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directives to ensure availability of high-grade fuels conforming the latest vehicles and tackle environmental issues like smog & air pollution.

Following the directives, a strategy was being worked out by the Petroleum Division to start import of the Euro-IV & V fuel besides producing it at local level. Currently, Euro-II & III standard petrol and diesel were available in the country.

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After inaugurating the lab, Omar Ayub in a brief media talk said, “Adoption of high grade fuel standards and their usage in high-tech vehicles will help save foreign exchange due to their less consumption.”

He said the laboratory would analyze new fuel standards, implemented by the government aimed at providing good quality high-grade fuels to motorists.

“The lab will test the imported as well as well locally produced fuels of the increased standards. It will check that the fuels were matching the approved standards or not,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the Petroleum Division in a news release said that it had earlier accorded approval to undertake a major upgradation plan for the HDIP. “This is in continuation of the Petroleum Division’s initiative to introduce international best practices in all its organisations.” The HDIP, a national petroleum Research & Development (R&D) organization, is performing quality control functions since its inception in 1975.

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