Listing for classic star wars battlefront 3 appears on steam – but it’s entirely fake

Star wars : With support for ea’s star wars: battlefront ii coming to an end, you might be forgiven for looking eagerly ahead to whatever comes next in the series.

Listing for classic star wars battlefront 3 appears on steam - but it's entirely fake

With that in mind, a steam listing for a third entry in the original battlefront series might have caused something of a stir – if it weren’t entirely fake.

The original battlefront series comprised two mainline games and a three handheld/mobile spin-offs, but petered out around the end of the 2000s. A while later, however, reports of a third game in the series leaked from free radical, developer of timesplitters, but that title never saw the light of day. Until yesterday, when players noticed a listing for “star wars battlefront iii (classic, 2019) in a group of steam eulas uncovered by steamdb (via pcgamesn).

It was an enticing clue for those that had been waiting nearly a decade for news on the classic series, but there was one problem. Anyone can upload anything to steam, and unless you’re very clearly piggybacking on established copyright, you can largely use whatever name you like. That would appear to have been the case here – steamdb quickly added a note to the listing declaring that “this is fake and not official,” and the listing has now been updated to feature a picture of joe biden on its cover art. Sadly, i think we might have to wait for dice if we want to play any version of battlefront iii any time soon.

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