Giant toxic toads come out in South Florida heavy rain

Apparently 2020 needed something else besides murder hornets, so now we have invasive poisonous cane Giant toxic toads.

The creatures, which are native to South America, Central America and parts of southern Texas, have been showing up in South Florida during the Sunshine State’s wet season.

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These cane toads are yellowish-brown, have warts and carry poison that can even kill dogs. The recent heavy rains in South Florida have given them the conditions to breed.

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“As long as there is water for them to breed in, the cane toads will thrive toxic toads,” William Kern, an associate professor at the University of Florida who specializes in urban pest management, told the Miami Herald.


Poisonous cane toads are a thing in south Florida.

“They will be out above the surface, foraging and breeding. People are probably seeing more of them now,” he added.

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The toads — classified as an invasive species in over 20 countries — are such a threat to pets that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommends that residents kill them.

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