Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad launches Free Corona Test service: Zeeshan Naqvi

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad in collaboration with National institute of Health launches free corona test service for it’s Union Councils

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad launches Free Corona Test service Zeeshan Naqvi

A free test service of Corona has been launched in Union Councils in collaboration with the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and National Institute of Health (NIH). In the first phase, free corona test service has been launched in rural areas including Shahullah Dutta. Deputy Mayor Islamabad, Zeeshan Naqvi is monitoring the testing service process himself. 

On the occasion, Deputy Mayor, Zeeshan Naqvi said that he is grateful to the National Institute of Health Administration for providing free corona tests at union council level on our request. Dr. Jamil, Dr. Zeeshan Baig and Dr. Amir Mirza from NIH Leading Medical Staff and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad will continue to work closely with NIH staff. 

We have emphasized before that the government should depend upon local bodies and should activate them. By activating local bodies we can achieve the desired goal quickly. 

Deputy Mayor, MCI, Zeeshan Naqvi also said that we have all the statistics and all the teams including polio, dengue and other health teams. We have limited resources given by the government but we are for the people of Islamabad. 

MCI is working day and night at the union council level, the day is not far when we will be able to eradicate the disease like coronavirus from Islamabad.

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