Player Finds Underwater The Last of Us Easter Egg in Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog games are typically replete with Us Easter Egg in Uncharted 4 regarding other Naughty Dog titles or PlayStation in general. Usually, players find them rather quickly, be it an overt reference or a subtle one.

For a touch over four years, though, one The Last of Us nod seemingly went unnoticed. In diving into the depths of Uncharted 4‘s early underwater section, one fan stumbled across a Clicker.

Twitter user GermanStrands shared their find with a few screenshots. The Naughty Dog dev responsible for the Easter Egg, Environmental Artist Anthony Vaccaro, has said this is the first time he’s seen anyone make note of this particular hidden gem.

I think this is the first time I have seen someone post about finding this fun little Uncharted 4 easter egg I made. Subtle and well hidden easter eggs are a blast to include …GermanStrands@GermanStrandsI found a Clicker in #Uncharted4 . I can’t wait for #TheLastofUsPartII. #PlayStation4 #PS4 #TLOU22,097Twitter Ads info and privacy219 people are talking about this

This isn’t the first time an Easter Egg for The Last of Us has been planted in an Uncharted adventure. Of course, there are several others tucked away in Uncharted 4, but the first instance of such a nod originally appeared in Uncharted 3. Prior to the third entry’s release, a developer added the now iconic “deadly fungus” newspaper article to an early section of Drake’s Deception. The assumption was that Sony would announce The Last of Us before the Uncharted installment’s November 2011 release. When this didn’t happen, developers mistakenly left the article hidden in the game. Luckily, critics and fans were unaware of what the Easter Egg entailed.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available for the PlayStation 4. The Last of Us‘ long-awaited sequel launches later this month on June 19th.

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