Realme next launch will be its first aiot launch

Realme is always dedicated to creating the unique products and bring you the intelligent ecological experience

Realme next launch will be its first aiot launch

Lahore (urdupoint / pakistan point news – 05th june, 2020) the year 2020 is a new start for realme mo to take one step further! Realme is always dedicated to creating the unique products and bring you the intelligent ecological experience.

Within the ecosystem of realme uni smart aiot, three scenes (audio, wearables and home) are available for you to enjoy the coolest aiot products to the full. That is why realme has designated its next launch only for iot products.

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In the personal scenario, for audio part, basic earphones, tws earbuds and anc earphones are available; and for the wearables, smartwatches and bands are easy to use.

When you are at home, the ecosystem will help you to enjoy the smart screen, smart speaker,sound bar as well as the smart home appliances.

What’s make it cooler is our realme link, which is an app that serves for realme aiot products.

Realme link allows to sync your data of device with smartphone. As an entrance of intelligent ecological experience, realme link can let you find and connect to all your realme aiot products. With realme link, your phone will become the control centre, on which you can view, operate, and control all your own realme aiot products.

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Moreover, a lot of aiot products are waiting for you, including a realme band, air buds andsmart watch which is going to make its debut in this month!

In the future, realme will take the “smartphone + aiot” dual-drive strategy as the core of the enterprise.

And it will build a smart wave of life for young people around hardware, software, and ecology.

Realme also officially entered the iot field, claiming to create a full-scenario smart aiot ecosystem for young users worldwide.

The company has launched the software backbone platform realme link. Relying on realme link, it can link four major traffic hubs (smart screen, smart speaker, bluetooth headset, and smartwatch) through smartphones to connect multiple types of aiot products.

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Specifically, realme plans to complete the iot ecological layout, covering the three major scenarios of “audio, wearables and home”. Personal scenarios include wearable devices such as headphones and watches; home scenarios include tvs, smart speakers, cameras, sweeping robots, and more; travel scenarios include luggage, car chargers, power banks, and more travel excited are you as realme fan and what products you’re expecting to launch in pakistan first?

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