Fake news on social media bangs poultry industry.

Fake news on social media bangs poultry industry, consumption of chicken has retarded.

Fake news on social media bangs poultry industry.

Fake news on social media bangs poultry industry and has retarded the consumption of chicken as fake news about chicken laced with Corona virus has fired the internet. The senior officials of Punjab Livestock Department and representatives of other provincial governments, are acting as silent spectators as fake news targeting poultry products sweeps social media as part of an organised media campaign.

There are a number of fake news containing baseless images and meaningless warnings on the social media. All the government officials concerned seem to be in a pause state in the time of an emergency situation hitting hard the sale of poultry products in the country.

There are multiple factors which have arisen with this situation. Poultry farmers are filling the gap in supply chain of poultry products by high prices as they had to bear losses of millions of rupees.

Without sharing any scientific evidence, there are posts in which it is stubbornly insisted that Corona virus is being spread through consumption of poultry products.

The provincial government seems to be in deep nap over the effort being launched through social media as both the provincial minister and  the livestock secretary remain silent on intentional misunderstanding and confusion over use of poultry products. Despite of their contacts, they could not succeed in sharing their views about the attempts to make the poultry sector controversial.

The management of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) also lacked an active approach in stopping the spread of fake news against the consumption of poultry products.

Earlier, UVAS used to issue statements containing scientific information about safety and hygienic aspects of poultry products. However, the situation is completely opposite this time.

In the same time, the Pakistan Poultry Association (Northern Region) vice-chairman yearned the attention of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan towards toward the deliberate attempt to destroy the poultry sector in Pakistan.

He added that the fake letter circulated on the letterhead of the Punjab Health Department had been an organised attempt to destroy the agro economy of Pakistan.

Poultry sector consumes more than 60% of oil residues in the form of oil seed meals and cakes.

Almost 70% of solvent extraction units’ residues are consumed by poultry sector. The solvent extraction industry would also collapse completely. Considering the seriousness of the the matter deserves, he said, “We suggest Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan kindly take notice of this extremely damaging propaganda and direct an in-depth investigation by cyber crime departments of law enforcement agencies.”

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