Sana Makki a herb treatment for Covid-19?

Sana Makki- a herb treatment for Covid-19 is the most viral question scattering on the internet nowadays.

Sana Makki a herb treatment for Covid-19?

Sana Makki- a herb treatment for Covid-19 is the most viral question scattering on the internet nowadays. Some health experts approved it as a natural herbal cure for the virus and claim that the herbal treatment can boost immune system of body. However these claims are false as Sana Makki herb or Senna plant is not at all a way to cure the fatal virus – Corona virus.

A rapid increase on social media posts and specifically, Whatsapp messages and status’ was seen immediately after when a herbal doctor residing in United Kingdom namely Nazir Ahmed exclaimed that he had cured more than 150 Covid-19 patients by a special tea made with Sana Makki herb.

Dr Tahiris the head of the of National Institute of Blood (NIBD) Pakistan. He told that Sana Makki treatment can boost immunity. He further said: ““The herb has been used in allopathic medicine for centuries now with hakims and physicians alike using it to help cure chronic constipation, ”

The Senna plant comprises of two important substances termed as Sennoside and Anthraquinone which help decrease inflammation and swelling of throat during influenza.

Dr. Rafiq Khanani, the President of Infection Control Society of Pakistan said that certain doctors have approved the plant as giving good results in the early stages of Covid-19 but he refrained from advising the consumption of the herbal treatment in too large doses.

According to Khannani,  the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) was thinking over conducting a clinical trial of the herb in order to treat the Covid-19 patients. He further said: “A raft of remedies have been tabled for this virus. As a lion’s share of those infected are asymptomatic and don’t require any treatment. So anyone who survives Covid-19 should not take it upon themselves to make such claims”.

 In evidence based medicine randomised control trials are used to prove if a treatment is effective, adding that,”I as a scientist can definitely say that this claim is unproven” Dr. Khannani said.

The head of the Infection Control Society of Pakistan (ICSP) said that promulgating uncertain and unproven claims is terrible as it creates a false sense of satisfaction who takes it as a curative remedy instead of other scientifically proven therapies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in a statement last month welcomed innovations around the world including re-purposing drugs, traditional medicines and developing new therapies in the search for potential treatments for Covid-19. But all such innovations are demanded to not to be arbitrary but these must be based on accuracy and positive proven result before getting approved.

2 thoughts on “Sana Makki a herb treatment for Covid-19?

  • blank
    June 7, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    Dear all
    The summary of the above para is that senna makki is not proven for covid or it doesnt work in covid and Dr. Shahid nazir claim is false..
    If it is not proved to be good in covid then can anyone show me the proof tht it ia not good ??
    Mohammad (s.a.w) said agar maut ka ilaj hota tu senna maki mai hota…
    Allah ne koi aisi bimari nahi banai jiska ilaj pehly se na banaya ho..
    If being a muslim people have faith in hadees then why u people make them go out of islamic way ?? Dr. ATTA ur Rehman said that he had research on senna makki and he indirectly indicated it then why u people are misguiding..
    If u people are saying to imporve immunity by taking vitamin c then why people not take senna maki to improve immunity ?? Covid have no cure only immunity and senna is the best immunity booster.

    • Paras Ali
      June 7, 2020 at 10:52 pm

      Propagation of Senna Makki as the only treatment for Covid-19 is yet not proved. If it is absolute treatment then Hakims and Herbal medicine expert should proof it scientifically. As far as advantages of Senna Makki are concerned, yes it is absolutely useful for different illness. Islam never advise for self medication, it says when you are ill go to expert and after advise act upon. This is clear way of treatment.


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