Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited (GO) Pledges to Maintain Uninterrupted Fuel Supplies

Lahore, June 7, 2020: In view of the current situation prevailing in the country, Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited (GO) held a press conference to assure the public that the company has ample stocks available in the country and continues to consistently supply to their retail outlets.

Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited (GO) Pledges to Maintain Uninterrupted Fuel Supplies

Speaking at the press conference, Zeeshan Tayyeb, Chief Operating Officer, GO said that, “In the current situation, since we are relentlessly working to supply to our retail outlets, we are currently at 2nd position in the country.” He also said, “In case of problems with supply, you are requested to contact us through our website, phone numbers and our social media accounts and we will strive to address these problems within 6 hours so the public burden can be lessened.”

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Stressing further, Zeeshan Tayyeb said that as responsible Pakistanis, we should avoid panic buying and refrain from  unnecessarily spreading rumors.  GO’s supply, logistics and operations teams are working day and night to ensure the product is moved across the country and made available at our retail outlets. GO currently has 7 operational depots and more than 550 retail outlets in the country along with a storage of approximately 196,000 MTs available in the country. GO’s sales & marketing teams are working closely with a fleet of 600 oil tankers to ensure constant supply to all its retail outlets.

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