SEGA Celebrates 60 Years with Game Gear Micro

SEGA : Miniaturizing the 8 bit handheld console.

SEGA Celebrates 60 Years with Game Gear Micro

SEGA is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a miniaturized version of its classic Game Gear console. The once-popular handheld gaming device, first debuted in 1990, fiercely competing against Nintendo’s Game Boy. Coming with a full-color backlit system, the 8-bit fourth-generation device was actually considered technically superior to the Game Boy at the time, despite its eventual loss in sales to Nintendo.

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SEGA, however, is reviving the retro console. The Game Gear Micro is a hyper-reduced counterpart to the original with a width that’s no bigger than the palm of one’s hand. Like its predecessor, it comes with simple radial and duo-button controls that sit next to a tiny backlit screen that’s able to display 32 colors at a time. Furthermore, “GAME GEAR” and “SEGA” branding is etched on the upper corners of the screen, while a small speaker on the bottom right rounds up the console’s nostalgic design.

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Despite the Mirco’s tiny screen, if you pre-order all four color versions (black, blue, red and yellow), according to Kotaku, you’ll get a free replica of the original Game Gear’s “Big Windo” magnifying accessory.

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SEGA’s Game Gear Micro is slated to launch at select Japanese retailers in October of this year for approximately $45 USD. Learn more about it at

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