Adobe Photoshop Camera, Now available for download on Google Play Store

The AI-powered Adobe Photoshop Camera app, which was announced late last year in November, is now available for download on the Google Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Camera, Now available for download on Google Play Store

The latest app from Adobe joins the long list of third-party camera apps available on the Play Store, but it has something unique to offer. The app makes use of Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform Sensei to recognize subjects in your photos and recommends the best filters that you can use to take your photos to the next level. We got our first look at the app back in December last year when Adobe released a preview version and we were quite impressed by its capabilities. Now, you can follow the Play Store link below to try it out for yourself.

The Photoshop Camera app aims to simplify the way you edit your photos by providing a variety of features that will help you make adjustments with minimal effort on your part. The app offers over 80 custom filters that you can try either in real-time on the viewfinder or while editing your photos at a later stage. These include filters like Portrait, Studio Light, Bloom, Pop Art, Spectrum, Desync, Food, Scenery, Natural Skies, and more. Along with the filters, the app also offers real-time Photoshop effects that will help you capture better photos using AI-powered editing, an auto-tune feature to automatically adjust brightness and shadows, content-aware recommendations, auto-masking, and portrait controls.Furthermore, the app offers influencer-inspired lenses that will help you edit your photos using custom-designed lenses from your favorite creators. Adobe has already roped in Billie Eilish, who has released a limited edition lens for the app that you can try right away. In case you don’t like any of the influencer lenses, you also get the option to create your own and share them with other users on the app.

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