Mahesh Hayat erupts on rumors over social media

Actress Mahesh Hayat has denied rumors of being infected with the coronavirus and has taken the social media platform, which had spread rumors of covid-19 positive without confirmation.

Mahesh Hayat erupts on rumors over social media

Sharing the news of Mahesh Hayat’s coronavirus infection from the Twitter accounts of a social media platform, it was said that according to unconfirmed reports, the actress has tested positive for coronavirus in Mahesh Hayat. He also asked for prayers for Mahesh Hayat.

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Reacting to the tweet, Mahesh Hayat not only denied the news but also got angry over sharing the news without confirmation and said that there was no truth in the news that I was suffering from coronavirus. I hope our media will show more responsibility and check the facts before sharing such news.

“Instead of posting anything to increase likes and followers on social media, those in charge should have called me and confirmed the news,” she added. This kind of news causes trouble for family and friends.

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Earlier, news of Rubina Ashraf, a well-known Pakistani actress suffering from coronavirus, being transferred to ICU was also circulating on social media.

According to social media reports, Rubina Ashraf, a well-known Pakistani actress suffering from coronavirus, was shifted to the intensive care unit due to ill health. However, Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain has denied the reports.

Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain wrote on Twitter that Rubina Ashraf is in good health at home. All the rumors spread about her shift to ICU are baseless. Rubina Ashraf’s husband Tariq Bhai appealed for prayers for health. While Sindh Assembly member Shehzad Qureshi is also in touch with his family.

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It should be noted that many stars of the world of showbiz have been infected with Coronavirus, including Nida Yasir, her husband Yasir Nawaz, Naveed Raza, Abrar-ul-Haq and Wasi Chaudhry.

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