Pakistan rejects claim that official Covid-19 app is unsafe

The Pakistani government has rejected a French security researcher’s claim that the official Covid-19 app is unsafe

Pakistan rejects claim that official Covid-19 app is unsafe

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) said in a statement that there was no security flaw in the official app, which aims to raise awareness about the near availability of ventilators across the country.

Rejecting the French researcher’s claim, the NITB said that the purpose of the app was to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so only a limited amount of user information was obtained through it.

The NITB said in a statement that the app does not reveal the current location of the affected user, but identifies patients who have confirmed their illness from a distance of 10 meters, while the rest are in quarantine. It is identified from a distance of 300 meters, so patients who have been allowed to contact voluntarily to keep other citizens safe.

NITB added that in addition, all users data have fully complied with the terms and conditions of the app.

According to NITB, a user’s login mechanism is not present in the app, which is why the use of login and password is not part of the app workflow, as clarified. Given so that Endpoint can only be used from the app.

The NITB said that all our applications run using HTTPS, so the protection of user data is done in accordance with international standards as it is of fundamental importance.

It should be noted that the French researcher had claimed in a few posts on Twitter that there was a flaw in the official app “COVID-19 Gov PK” created by the government of Pakistan.

He said that under this, confidential information and data of consumers is being stolen and it is insecure.

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