Treatment expense of coronavirus patient for Rs 17.56 million: News viral on social media

A private hospital in Karachi has charged Rs 17.56 million as ten days treatment expense from a patient of Covid-19.

Treatment expense of coronavirus patient for Rs 17.56 million News viral on social media

While the patients of Covid-19 are suffering from inadequate treatment facilities in government hospitals, private hospitals are ruthlessly collecting millions of rupees from them in the name of treatment.

Recently, a private hospital in Karachi has received a bill of Rs 17.56 million for 10 days treatment. While, this stay doesn’t include any surgery and special procedure.

According to the details provided, a Karachi resident patient was admitted to the hospital on May 5 and discharged on June 2. Expenses for only ten days of the hospital have been received at Rs. 17.56 million.

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Interestingly, according to the hospital bill, 1800 pairs of rubber gloves have been used for the patient during this period, which is 180 pairs per day.

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Hundreds of protective suits and N-95 masks have also been charged for the use of medical personnel, which is many times more than the price of the same quality items available in the market.

According to the patient’s family, it is also noteworthy that there was a total of twelve patients in the ward where the patient was kept, while the cost of rubber gloves, masks and protective suits was received from each patient individually.

In contrast, the medical staff who come to see the patient examine all the patients at the same time, during which time they do not change the gloves, masks or protective suits. Although these expenses are shared among all the patients in the ward, the hospital is collecting these expenses from each patient individually.

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Even before this, complaints of private hospitals regarding the treatment of coronavirus have been coming to the fore on social media. At present, the top private hospitals are charging Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 180,000 per day for coronavirus patients, in addition to the cost of ICU or ventilator.

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