XIAOMI is working on a new user interface for foldable smartphones

XIAOMI has long been one of the ten largest players in the smartphone market, and it is unlikely that anything will change in the foreseeable future

XIAOMI is working on a new user interface for foldable smartphones

However, not everyone knows that xiaomi started not with smartphones, but with the miui user interface. Miui was launched back in 2010, and at that time it was quite original.

Xiaomi is working on a new user interface for foldable smartphones

It is difficult to imagine that xiaomi abandons miui in favor of something else, or radically change its appearance. However, the company at least is working on a user interface made in a completely different design. This is indicated by a patent found on the web.

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As you can see, this interface is based on a tile concept similar to windows phone. There is the possibility of customizing the tiles. At the same time, a very important element in the images is not the interface itself, but the outlines of the smartphone on which this interface is supposedly running.

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This is clearly a sketch of the mi mix alpha model, which means that the interface from the patents can still appear on this device and, for example, on the upcoming xiaomi smartphones. It is unlikely to be the main one, but in the form of an additional or alternative interface.

In case you don’t remember, on may 19 there was an official presentation of miui 12 global, a release that in the last few hours has started to be distributed globally in the stable beta version.

On the list of new features we have a dark mode 2.0, application menu and ultra power saving mode. But also the super wallpaper where we find wallpapers with complex 3d animations. We also have improved health metrics, as well as more careful control over privacy settings. There is also news in the camera application and on the multitasking. Now, it includes floating windows on the screen and picture in picture mode.

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Xiaomi has attached great importance to animations on its interface. They created multiple overlapping layers for a much more realistic blur. This makes translucent animations much more pleasing to the eye and realistic.

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