Pokemon journeys, Players Excited About Isle Armor DLC’s Level Scaling

Pokemon journeys : This week, Pokemon Sword and Shield players will experience the game’s first DLC pack, The Isle of Armor.

Pokemon journeys, Players Excited About Isle Armor DLC's Level Scaling

Some players were not sure how the game’s DLC would work, but new reports indicate that the DLC will scale levels based on a user’s Pokemon team. As such, players that enter the Isle of Armor’s Wild Area with a high-level team will encounter similarly high-level Pokemon, but those who enter with low-level Pokemon will find low-level opponents. It’s a great way to make sure that the game is competitive for everyone that wants to play, and Pokemon journeys fans seem pretty happy with the inclusion!

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about level scaling in Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Some folks are already making plans for their teams!
  • It should be an eye-opening experience for certain players.
  • Some fans already want to see it applied to future games!
  • The addition definitely seems to have increased anticipation.
  • It should open up some big possibilties.
  • There’s a lot of important planning when it comes to
  • Some think it might mean Level 100 Pokemon in the wild.
  • Others think the whole thing might be too good to be true, though

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