Pre order Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom, The game originally came out in 2003 and was available to play on GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows.


THQ Nordic has decided to revamp the old favorite in a remastered version (or rehydrated, for our aquatic friends).

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You’ll get to play as Spongebob, Patrick, or Sandy as you battle massive robots, jellyfish, and The Flying Dutchman in epic boss battles as you try to save Bikini Bottom from mass destruction (while maybe causing a little of your own).

There will also be a brand new multiplayer option where you can play along with your friends to defeat even more enemies.

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If you’re a super fan, you just might be interested in the F.U.N or Shiny editions which come with exclusive Spongebob-goodies along with a copy of the game.

In the Shiny edition ($149.99), you’ll not only get a copy of the game, but also a figurine of Spongebob holding a golden spatula and standing in his battle cry stance atop a decapitated robot head from the game. You’ll also get wall stickers, Spongbob tennis socks, and six lithographs of shots of the game.

In the F.U.N. edition ($299.99), reminiscent of the iconic F.U.N. song Spongebob sings to Plankton to get him to chill out on his evil ways, you’ll get all that is included in the Shiny edition, as well as two additional figures–one of Patrick holding a watermelon wearing underwear, and one of Sandy, resident Texan, in a lasso-pose. You’ll also get a set of tiki keyrings.

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