Next carplay Update, Bring Highly Anticipated Music Playing Feature

Carplay, Apple has already announced the next major ios software update, and a preview is available for registered developers today.

Next carplay Update, Bring Highly Anticipated Music Playing Feature

And while the update is projected to go live for all devices in the production channel in September, this preview allows us to figure out what ios 14 is going to bring new, including for carplay users.

In addition to wallpapers and support for Siri sharing the ETA to a contact, it looks like ios 14 will also introduce a new change that’s not directly noticeable for users but which is good news for developers in the first place.

More specifically, ios 14 will include all the groundwork for developers to enable a “Playing Next” button in their music players, thus providing users with more information on the songs in the playing queue.

And the best example is Spotify. As one of the most popular music player apps, Spotify can generate a list of songs based on the ones that users already marked as favorite. And with this new button, users can take a peek at the queue before the song begins playing.

What’s very important to keep in mind is that this feature doesn’t represent the “Playing Next” button itself that would be added to music players running on carplay. It’s actually the code that makes the whole thing happen, so now it comes down to developers to bring the feature to their apps.

As we already figured out the hard way, this can take some time – the carplay dashboard is the living proof in this regard, as Apple unlocked the maps card for third-parties with ios 13.4 in April but neither Google Maps nor Waze have been updated to support it.

Ios 14 is projected to launch for everyone in the fall and the next few betas to go live in the remaining months could bring a series of other smaller improvements for the overall experience with carplay.

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