Fortnite servers: down right now as Epic Games

Fortnite servers are down right now as Epic Games is implementing the latest patch 13.20 for the popular battle royale game.

Epic Games confirmed the downtime for Fortnite earlier today as the game was taken offline at 7am BST.

Fortnite servers could be offline anywhere between an hour to two hours, but in some cases, it could be longer.

This update is promising to ‘add new Flare’ to the game, which fans think this is hinting towards the return of the Flare Gun.

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Once the update has been rolled out, players should have no problem updating their game by downloading the new patch and logging back in.

The official Twitter page for Fortnite’s server status shared the information earlier today.

As for what is being added in this patch, we’ll have to wait and see since Epic doesn’t release any patch notes for Battle Royale anymore.

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We will update this article once the servers come back online and the game is playable again

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