Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Find & Evolve Tentacool Into Tentacruel

Tentacool, the bane of every player Surfing without a Repel, has arrived in Galar with the release of Isle of Armor,Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new expansion.

Tentacool, the bane of every player Surfing without a Repel, has arrived in Galar with the release of Isle of Armor, Sword and Shield’s new expansion.

While Tentacool and its subsequent evolution aren’t exactly fan favorites, they are first Generation Pokemon Sword. Respect your elders, right? And more importantly, you need Tentacool and Tentacruel to finish your Isle of Armor Pokédex, so here’s how to find and evolve Tentacool in Sword and Shield!

How To Find Tentacool

Tentacool is about as common in Isle of Armor as it is in previous games. It can be found as an overworld spawn in just about any expansion location with water, but is most common in the Fields of Honor, Challenge Beach, Courageous Cavern, and Loop Lagoon. Tentacool has a 30% chance of appearing in these locations during all weather, with the exception of Loop Lagoon. Tentacool will only appear there (30% chance) during Heavy Fog conditions.

Like its pre-evolution, Tentacruel is an overworld spawn and can be encountered at many of the same locations that Tentacool swims around in. Notably, Tentacruel has a 15% chance of appearing in the Fields of Honor, Challenge Beach, and all of the seas and island areas.

How To Evolve Tentacruel

Tentacool will evolve into Tentacruel upon reaching level 30.

How To Use Tentacruel

Tentacruel is a Water/Poison-type Pokémon, which gives it access to several moves that put it a tier above other Water-types. Tentacruel has access to Rapid Spin, a Normal-type move that can clear the field of hazards and nullify the effects of the super effective Leech Seed and other binding type moves. Pair this with the Poison-type move Toxic Spikes and the Ice-type move Haze, and you have yourself a very deadly setup Pokémon.

Toxic Spikes is the go-to field hazard move for Poison-types, and for good reason. Poison damage guarantees plenty of damage over time, and considering that Toxic Spikes lingers until a grounded Poison-type Pokemon absorbs it or your opponent uses a field-clearing move, this move is not easily overlooked. Tentacruel’s basic damaging move should be Scald, which compliments Toxic Spikes with its 30% chance of burning an opponent. Make those damage over time debuffs stack, and Tentacruel will be a Pokémon your opponents will have to watch out for.

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