Paper Mario, System and Companion Breakdown

The Origami King’s Paper Mario, release on the horizon, this is everything we know so far about its unique battle style and the new companions.

Paper Mario, System and Companion Breakdown

The next installment in a well established series of Super Mario spin-offs is only a couple weeks away. Paper Mario: The Origami King arrives in mid-July, and many fans are hoping for a return to form after a few contentious Paper Mario games in the last few years.

The Paper Mario games are famous for combining RPG elements with a unique 2D aesthetic for Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, but The Origami King is introducing some unique twists to turn based combat. Some details remain nebulous, but Nintendo has shared enough for a basic picture of Mario’s tactics in the battle against Olly, the Origami King. Here’s what we know so far.

Some of Mario’s bread and butter RPG attacks, like jumping on enemies and swinging a hammer, will make a return in The Origami King. However, the system is far from traditional. Mario needs to arrange the battlefield in order to get the most advantage out of his attacks. Enemies are placed on a series of concentric circles in battle, and before taking his turn, Mario can rotate and shift enemies around in an attempt to group them up or arrange them in lines. If he manages to arrange them efficiently before the timer runs out, not only will he be able to hit more enemies with one attack, but he can earn a bonus to damage.

Once the enemies are arranged, Mario has a wealth of options for how to strike. Nintendo’s trailers show that Mario can attack with all kinds of classic Mario items alongside his traditional jumps and hammer. For instance, Mario can pull out a Fire Flower to throw fireballs in lines or hit a POW Block to deal a devastating blow. While only a handful of items have been shown off, Nintendo is sure to have come up with creative uses for many more items than these.

Mario takes on boss battles very differently from standard battles. Rather than fighting enemies from inside the circle, Mario is outside of the circles with the boss at the center. The spaces on the circles are marked with arrows for movement and other special spaces. On his turns, Mario has to arrange the circles in search of a path to the boss. Once he reaches his foe, he can finally strike.

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