This Soundbar by Polk Audio Comes With Google Chromecast

Polk Audio has just announced its newest MagniFi Series soundbar, the MagniFi 2. The San Diego-based speaker specialist says the MagniFi 2 is designed to offer an immersive surround-sound experience in a minimalist package with the help of its new 3D Audio Mode.

It’s not a Dolby Atmos soundbar per se, but this feature aims to create virtual height channels, so sound effects seemingly come from above as well as around you. 

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MagniFi 2’s wireless subwoofer (below) promises seismic bass to further enhance your home cinema sonics.

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The MagniFi 2 has both wi-fi and Google Chromecast Audio built in, promising easy streaming from Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Roon, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal and more. Bluetooth streaming is also onboard.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

Three HDMI 2.0 inputs ensure 4K HDR support, and Polk promises that the Polk Audio MagniFi 2 automatically works with Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, and Sony TV remotes to control volume. 

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In addition, the MagniFi 2 features Polk Audio’s patented Voice Adjust Technology, which lets users to customise voice levels to tailor dialogue and intelligibility to their taste.

The Polk MagniFi 2 is available now, priced £499/$499/€499. When pricing for Australia is known, we’ll update this page. 

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