From Askari Aviation To Askari Airline, Social Media Disinformation Campaign

Social media disinformation campaign for all big and small airline’s, like Askari Aviation to Askari Airline  

From Askari Aviation To Askari Airline, Social Media Disinformation Campaign

Pakistani social media is abuzz with rumors and gossips about Askari airlines and many social media accounts are sharing old clippings. Some of them are even trying to connect it to the current crises faced by PIA and Pakistani airlines. The clipping of the Urdu newspaper is not new and the news item was published in many mainstream newspapers. The fact of the matter is that Askari Airlines is new venture and part of it existed from 1995 in the shape of Askari Aviation.

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Askari Airlines Pakistan owned by Army Welfare Trust applied for RPT (regular public transport licenses) in 2016 as mentioned in the Aviation Division report in 2016. It was given approval in 2018 and that news item was reported in different media outlets. Askari Airlines was among few other airlines that received RPT.

Others included in the list were Liberty Air owned by Chaudhry Munir and Mian Amir, Go Green Airways owned by Elahi Group, Danish Elahi and Arshad Jalil, United Airways Pakistan Limited owned by Adnan Tabbni, Air Sial owned by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Afeef Zara Airways owned by Rashid Siddiqui.

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