4 Easy Steps to Recover Wiped Hard Drive without any Tech

Data loss from hard drive is a common issue faced by almost every computer user. Data loss can be due to many reasons, including losing data by human error,

4 Easy Steps to Recover Wiped Hard Drive without any Tech

Accidental loss of data, or loss of data by mechanical issues. Another main cause of data loss is hard drive failure. A hard drive crash is a serious problem, and every computer user is looking for a solution to it.

We have found the best solution for recovering your hard drive data in just four simple steps. Recover Any Data allows you to recover all the information that has been lost on your drive. All you need to do is to give a good read to this content and follow these steps to recover your hard drive data.

Recover Any Data

An introduction to Recover Any Data

Recover Any Data is the most trusted software for recovering any type of data loss, in the most efficient and easy way. This software opts for a unique data recovery algorithm tom make sure that data is recovered successfully in maximum cases.

 Why Recover Any Data?

Recovers data loss from any storage device

You can easily recover your lost data on any kind of storage medium. This includes hard drives (both external and internal), flash drives, memory cards, etc.

Recovers every form of data lost

Recover Any Data allows you to recover data based on 1000 different formats. These formats include text, pictures, audios, videos, documents, archives, etc.

Recovers lost data from any medium

You can easily recover your critical data from any medium. This includes digital cameras, camcorders, memory cards, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

Secure data recovery

This software allows you to recover your data in a completely secure way. You don’t have to fear to overwrite or editing of the files while recovering data using Recover Any Data.

Trusted by hundreds of top media brands

Due to high-quality results and maximum success rate, Recover Any Data has made it possible to get lots of positive reviews and feedback since its formation. Services Recover Any Data offers

Recover deleted files

You do not have to take stress even if you have accidentally deleted all your important files from your computer. Just use Recover Any Data to get your lost data back in just a few minutes.

Recover hard drive data

It is quite stressful when someone unintentionally formats his system. But only for those who haven’t heard of the mind-blowing data recovery features of Recover Any Data. Simply install this software and get a lot of working tips on recovering your data.

Recover external device data

External devices are a good way to provide extra storage to your data. USBs, SD cards and other external drives have made data storage easier than before. But what if you accidentally format your external storage device? You don’t need to think about it anymore. Just contact data recovery experts to recover files from dead external hard drive.

Recover Emails

Deleted your important mails from the mail trash by mistake? Check for the best solutions on Recover Any Data and recover those mails in minutes.

Recovering photos

Photos are a good way to keep your memories always with you. But what if you accidentally lose all your photos from your device. Well, we have a solution for you. Simply go to Recover Any Data and recover all the deleted media files from your device.

Recovering document loss

Closed the document without saving it? Thinking about how to get the document back? Install Recover Any Data and know all about recovering your accidentally lost document.

Why choose Recover Any Data?

  • We are a team of more than 500000 users.
  • Our network is spread over 200 plus countries.
  • Our software is supported by more than ten languages.
  • We offer 100% safe methods.
  • You can also go for our free trial before making any purchase.
  • Our service is facilitated with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • We keep our customers regularly updated on the news.
  • You can consult our free professional support for any queries.
  • Four simple steps to recover your hard drive data

Installing the software

After downloading iMyFone Any Recover, install it in your device. 

Choose the hard drive.

Now choose the hard drive that you want to recover data from and click on ‘start.’

Scanning process

An all-around scanning process will be started on the chosen disk.


After the scanning process is completed, you will be shown all the deleted files on your screen. Then you can easily preview the files and select which one you want to recover and which not.

What are the causes behind hard drive data loss?

There are various reasons behind a hard drive data loss, out of which some are mentioned below:

  • Exposing the hard drive to extreme temperatures.
  • Giving shock to the hard drive
  • Applying strong force on the hard drive
  • Exposing your hard drive to sudden power loss.
  • Accidentally formatting your hard drive
  • Exposing the hard drive to smoke or fire.
  • Re-installing windows or Mac OS on your system
  • Exposing hard drive to liquid contact.
  • Some other causes of hard drive data loss
  • Mechanical defect occurring in the hard drive.
  • Corruption in hard drive

A virus in your hard drive.

Spyware infection in the hard drive

Breakage of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) configuration in hard drive 

How to prevent hard drive data loss?

Back up your data

There are many backup software and hardware devices that allow you to create a backup of your data. This backup is helpful to be used in situations when you accidentally lose your data. This saves you from the tension of recovering your lost data as you can simply recover your data from the backup created.

Turn off the system if overheated

In case you notice that your system is heating up more than the normal levels, turn it off as soon as possible. This is because excessive heating up of the system may cause damage to the drive. Hard drive damage can further result in a hard drive crash ending up losing all your hard drive data. Moreover, let the system rest for some time before restarting it again. A good rest of about 1 to 2 hours is appropriate to let the system come back to its normal temperature.

Shut down the computer if not using it

The computer is a machine and demands rest. So it is better to shut down the computer when not in use. Also, do not keep your system continuously on for the whole day as it will produce a lot of heat, which can be impairing for the hard drive. Even if you are not using your system, but it is on; this will generate excessive heat causing both the inside and outside temperatures to rise.

To wrap it up!

If you really don’t want to experience hard drive data loss, then use your device carefully. Do not delay to show your system to an expert in case you are facing any mechanical issues. For avoiding hard drive data loss, do not keep your computer on for hours and give it some rest breaks too. Taking care of your system will take care of your data too.

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