The Origami King’ confirms release date, new combat system revealed

When the first Origami king Paper Mario game initially launched in 2001 in North America, the RPG game became an immediate sensation. Players were happy with the game’s features as well as its easy accessibility.


The game’s popularity continued to rise with the release of its next entries in the Paper Mario series. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was released in 2004, and Super Paper Mario in 2007. Now, Nintendo is adding the Paper Mario: The Origami King to its series.

However, the next two entries released in 2012 and 2016 received negative criticisms because of the game’s poor game plot and combat system. Fortunately, Nintendo is now confident that it already found a way to address the issue of the game’s poor combat system.

New feature include an open world and huge maps

The new game has ditched its traditional chapter-focused gameplay for an open world and huge map features. The player can now “travel from region to region seamlessly in an open-world”. Furthermore, The Origami King’s bosses are found anywhere in the game’s map. With the help of Princess Peach’s large streamers attached to her castle, the player can see where the next challenge might arise.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is even likened to the setup in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is because players can see the location of the final boss throughout the game. Masahiko Nagaya, director at Intelligent Systems described the feature in a statement:

“One major feature that makes the world where this adventure takes place special is that there are huge maps to explore at every turn”.

He further said:

“Because the game is laid out this way, we were careful during the design phase to make sure there is always something in the player’s field of vision to catch their attention.”

Paper Mario: The Origami King reveals a new combat system

Throughout the years of creating the Paper Mario game series, the developers have taken the game in a new direction. In creating a new gaming experience for The Origami King, Producer Kensuke Tanabe had a goal of challenging himself to create something new. He said:

“But my goal is to continue to tackle new challenges as much as possible.”

For years, the Paper Mario series retained its traditional combat with turn-based battles that incorporate a little bit of timing. However, the new combat system is a completely different tactic. Producer Tanabe said that Intelligent Systems’ Naohiko Aoyama “asked for a battle system in which the enemies surround Mario to attack from all sides”.

The idea of the Rubik’s Cube pushed the developers to design the circular combat system. When the combat begins, players have to line up the enemies in groups so that Mario can defeat them altogether.

Release date details

Players will soon have access to the game this July 17, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch.

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