PlayStation 4 firmware 7.02 kernel exploit surfaces

The PlayStation 4 Firmware homebrew scene may finally have cause for joy again. Over the past few months, it’s been a series of developments


Disappointments over the prospects of the console getting a new, updated jailbreak, but it would appear one is finally back on the cards.

Hours ago, popular developer @theflow0 announced on Twitter the existence of a kernel exploit for the PlayStation 4. He also discovered a vulnerability for firmware version 6.02 a few months ago, but this new one looks to be far more concrete and exists on systems running firmware 7.02 or older. According to @theflow0, the kernel exploit works in tandem with a WebKit exploit, which exists on firmware 6.72 or older.

As it stands, those who are interested in a jailbreak release will have to ensure their systems aren’t on software newer than version 6.72 at least until a newer WebKit exploit is uncovered.

Just last week, I all but wrote off the chances of the PS4 ever getting a new jailbreak. That was mostly due to the assumption that Sony’s Bug Bounty Program implied devs wouldn’t be allowed to report discovered vulnerabilities to the public or third parties. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as while @theflow0 reported the vulnerability to Sony and got his deserved payout far back in March Sony also seems to be fine with public disclosure, as the vulnerability has since been patched.

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