Google Photos: It’s Easier Than Ever to Find Your Favorite Memories

While Google Photos has been a one stop app for keeping and organizing your photos for several years, Google just launched an updated app that will make it easier than ever to store and organize your images.

Google Photos: It’s Easier Than Ever to Find Your Favorite Memories

“Over the past few years we’ve also seen that people use Google Photos when they feel nostalgic and want to reminisce,” Google said in a statement. “Google Photos has become more than just an app to manage your photos, it’s become the home for your life’s memories.”

The new app update is simplified, using a three-tab structure that makes user experience more intuitive. The three tabs are separated as Photos, where you can find all your images and videos; Search, making it easier to find the image you want, as well as an interactive map view of where you took your photo; and Library, which contains your important destinations within the app, including Albums, Favorites, Trash, and Archive.

The interactive map view within the Search tab shows all the places where you’ve taken your photos, making it even easier to find your special memories. For instance, if you want to find a photo from your vacation to the Grand Canyon, you can simply go to the search tab and find the location point over the Arizona desert, and voila! All your photos from that trip are right there.

In addition, the app has updated its Memories feature, which first debuted last fall. The new update adds more “types” of memories, like photos of yourself, photos of you and a specific person, trips, highlights for the week, and more. The updated feature can also allow you to hide certain people or time periods from popping up in the app. “We know that not all memories are worth revisiting,” it says in the statement. The update gives complete control to the user so they only see memories that they want.

And since the new update is centered around memories, Google also updated its app icon to resemble a pinwheel clearly inspired by childhood, youth, and nostalgia.

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