Xiaomi Features Transparent 5G Smartphone With 108 MP Camera

Another Xiaomi patent has been unearthed showing that the Chinese OEM is always trying to come up with an innovative change to what is considered the “norm” in the smartphone world.

Xiaomi Patent Features Transparent 5G Smartphone With 108 MP Monster Super Camera

This patent, shared by LetsGoDigital, features a 5G smartphone with a wraparound display that covers almost the whole device. In fact, practically the only part that isn’t display is the section with the huge single camera system

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Xiaomi labels this single 108 MP lens as a “super camera”, and it is apparently able to utilize zoom functions and AI. Part of the device, which is shown in both drawings and color renders in the patent, is transparent. Xiaomi has produced transparent editions of its smartphones in the past, so this is not too much of a stretch for the imagination here. However, it’s very unlikely this design will be reflected in an upcoming Mi Mix 4 or Mi 11 device.

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According to the texts accompanying the images, there is an “AI GPU” and “5G MODEM IVY 650” also present in this Xiaomi concept transparent smartphone. It would be a refreshing change to see an OEM go from four, five, or even six-camera systems back down to a single lens that features terrific software, well-integrated AI, and possibly a mechanical zoom. There is a slogan included, which translates as “always believe something wonderful is about to happen”. It will be interesting to see if the device in this patent ever sees the light of day.

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