Pokemon GO, Forms of galar, mega charizard x and more coming soon

A few weeks before Pokemon GO Fest 2020, which for the first time will take place in virtual format involving players from all over the world,

Pokemon GO, Forms of galar, mega charizard x and more coming soon

Pokemon GO, The application of Pokémon GO for Android it has been updated to version 0.181.0.

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The data miners immediately went to work to look for clues about the features and content coming to the game soon at the festival, discovering a lot of news. To begin with, a new loading screen with a summer flavor has been found which clearly shows Latios and Latias fluttering and the tail of Mega Charizard X that appears from the back of a setting, confirming the arrival of Mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO. Then there are the Pokémon GO Fest badges, the in-game hub for new challenges, the confirmation of the introduction of buffs for the event and group challenges to which all players can compete, and a new move for Victini, called V-Create: in the main series it deals damage and at the same time decreases the user’s defense, special defense and speed. It will be interesting to find out how it will be integrated into the Pokémon GO gameplay.

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Data miners also discovered references to Galar forms of many Pokémon, such as Ponyta, Rapidash, Mr_Mine, Corsola, Yamask, Slowpoke and Slowbro. There are also new graphic effects, new animations and a small change to how Unown is shown: is there any news about this Pokémon coming? We would like to specify that these are hidden features and still subject to change, so there may be differences in the final game.

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